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A Guy Who Likes You Won’t Do Any Of These Five Things To You.

A Guy Who Likes You Won’t Do Any Of These Five Things To You.

Do you know that guys can be so rude when they fall out of love with a girl?. A guy can do anything he likes to a girl he doesn’t love because he knows he wouldn’t get hurt when she fired back but there are things he can’t do to a girl he likes and in this article, we’re going to talk about those things. If you have further suggestions after reading this article, please do well to share it in the comments section.


A guy who likes you won’t do anything to make you unhappy and even if he does, he’d apologize immediately. Girls prefer guys who offer them money over affection and that has ruined too many relationships. A guy can’t offer you money to show he likes, most guys give out money to get what they want and then leave afterwards.


1. A Guy Who Likes You Won’t Cheat on You

Some guys come back to apologize after cheating on their girlfriends and try to reaffirm their love. The only thing is, a guy who likes truly won’t ever think of cheating on you even if he’s tempted to do it. If a guy likes you truly, he won’t cheat on you, even if he tries to do it, the thought of you would make him act right. Guys come back to apologize after cheating because they just didn’t find the person they had an affair with good enough to replace you. If they found that person good enough, they’d see her as a possible replacement and won’t care if you leave.

2. A Guy Who Likes You Would Never Hit You

Guys hit their girlfriends when little issues arise and then come back to apologize later on. The last thing a guy who likes you would do is to raise his hands on you. Even if you hit him, he won’t ever think of hitting you back, he might just angrily walk out of you. If a guy beats you everytime and then comes back to apologize, he doesn’t like you and doesn’t know how he feels about you. If he knows how he feels about you, he’d never raise his hands on you.

3. A Guy Who Likes You Won’t Ever Attempt To Rape You

Some girls accuse their boyfriends of rape or being forced to sleep with them. A guy who likes you would respect your decision rather than seeking for pleasure. If you don’t want it, he’d back out rather than forcing it and making you look like a prostitute. Attempted rape on girlfriend is really disgusting and it’s not something a guy should try, if your boyfriend does this often, you just have to walk out of the relationship because he would leave you eventually when he gets tired of seeing your body.

4. He would Never Speak ill Of You Behind Your Back

Even if you have your flaws, he’d never say it to people outside in order not to cause issues rather he’d prefer talking to you about it. He’d never say bad things about you behind your back because he likes and it’d hurt him to see people laugh at you over your flaws. Any guy who speaks ill of you behind your back doesn’t like you, he’s just passing time with you until he finds someone he intends to marry.

5. He Would Never Rain Insults On You or Speak ill About Your Family

Do you know that the most exciting relationships are relationships where you can freely talk your partner and use any curse word playfully and laugh it off. Some guys are fond of insulting their girlfriends in a very serious manner and that’s really wrong. No girl wants to be Insulted despite their age or size. A guy who likes you would never speak ill about your family because they also consider it their second family when they start dating you.

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