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Anne Hegerty Flaunts Her One-Stone Impressive Weight Loss

The popular TV star Anne Hergerty is again in news. This time the reason behind her buzz is her weight loss. Recently appeared in the ITV’s popular show I’m A Celebrity… Acquire Me out of Here, loosed a stone weight when she was voted out by the viewers. She loosed all her weight by diet she named as Jungle diet.

Want to know what Jungle diet is? And how she did it! To find out keep reading!

Anne Hegerty Weight Loss diet!

After getting out of the popular show I’m A Celebrity… Acquire Me out Of Here (where participants have to compete with each other to survive in a jungle for the title of king and queen) she revealed about her huge weight loss in an interview. Anne hegerty lost 14 pound weight in time interval just 3 weeks.

She further told that the participants were only allowed to eat rice beans and water. And it became miserable to her to be on a diet of rice and that to in absence of salt.

She said, “The trouble is that there’s no salt and about a week ago my digestive system just said to me, ‘I’m sorry I’m not having any more rice. I can have beans, I am having rice and beans but I can have no more rice because it’s just going straight through.”

Then, what she did you cannot imagine.

She didn’t have rice in her meal. She excluded the rice from her diet. And now her pounds started dropping quicker. In this show the celebs had to complete a task which eventually led one to loose calories due to moving and sweating.

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How Did Anne Hegerty Feel Post I’m A Celebrity…Acquire Me Out Of Here?

So, we asked her about voted out of the popular ITV show, her response was “I wanted to be voted off, to put it brutally? I ended up having the most brilliant time, but what was brilliant about it was my campmates… I’m glad to have done it, it’s been an extraordinary experience and yes, it has been a learning curve.”


Off course, it was a wonderful experiment to survive just on rice, beans and water. Kudos to her and all the other participant of the show to survive their even for two days. But one thing that you should keep in mind, in order to lose weight never descend your calorie intake. As it might make you lose weight but eventually make you unhealthy.

In the below section we are going to provide you some tips to lose your weight. Executen’t forget to have a look over it!


How to Lose Your Weight Healthily?

You should have a healthy diet. Consume all the groups of food- including a source of proteins, carbs (dietary fiber) and fats in your diet.Never skip your breakfast. If you are late for your school, college or office than have something light that can be made quickly a quick smoothie with berries, almond milk, and powdered flax seeds.Acquire green leafy vegetables and also other non-starchy veggies, three times a day.Eat three types of low-GI fruits, two times per day. Reduce intake of cheddar cheese. Design it limited in your meals, if you want to lose your weight effectively.If you want to have red meat, have it once in a week.Drink 8-10 glasses of water a day.Increase the amount of physical activity like yoga, gym, exercises etc.You should do your Workout on a regularly basis. Mix cardio and strength training.Try to keep moving every one hour. Executen’t be static at a place for long hours.If you crave for sweets, go for fruits, yogurt or dark chocolates.Executen’t snack after dinner.Walk to nearby place instead of taking your car out.Skip elevators. Hold the stairs instead!If you are bored of the daily dieting then enjoy your cheat meals once. Initially, you should have you cheat meal ones in two weeks and later make it ones in a week!Acquire a sleep of at least 6 hours.Meditation in the morning will be good for your concentration over your goal.

To have a healthy lifestyle all you need is to opt to healthy habits and rest they will do. Once you will be getting the benefit of this healthy lifestyle, you will make it sure and do everything to be fit.

One thing that you should keep in mind, slow weight loss is the best. Executen’t fad to lose it fast as it could do but making you unhealthy. So, make healthy life your goal!

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The more you understand yourself, the more silence there is, the healthier you are. —Maxime Lagacé

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